How to create a financial and credit site from scratch and make money?

This article will discuss how to create a financial and credit website. The site is an investment of time and money. It will begin to generate income not immediately but over time. However, it will easily recoup your investment. Earning options are advertising, affiliate programs, and direct advertisers.

How to create a financial and credit site from scratch and make money?
How to create a financial and credit site from scratch and make money?

These earnings will be relevant as long as people take loans. Loans are the engine of the economy. They are always needed. Therefore, earnings will always be relevant. In short, the essence of such earnings: we create a website, people come to it, click on ads and affiliate links. You receive income from affiliate programs and a percentage

How to create a financial resource: what is needed for this?
The situation with credit sites from 2021
Who can create a website?
How much is it?
How to develop a site? Step-by-step instruction
Practical steps to create a website
How to write content?
How to promote a site?
What offers to work with?
How much can you earn on your site?
What affiliate programs to use?
Questions about creating a site
How to create a financial resource: what is needed for this?
To create a website you will need:

time – it will take a lot to figure out how the site works
domain or domain name. This is a pointer on the Internet by which people will find your site. For our site, the domain is
CMS WordPress (this is a system for creating and editing articles). This is a system that allows you to edit articles and publish them on the site.
Knowledge in SEO optimization and promotion
little knowledge of programming and finance.
The situation with credit sites from 2021
Until about 2018, it was possible to make an article and receive advertising income from it. An article is a site filled with many articles on financial topics on the topic: How to get a loan, How to apply for a credit card … The article receives traffic thanks to search engines. People go to the pages of the site – click on ads and affiliate offers. For clicks, the site owner receives income.

The era of articles can be said to be over. Now articles can be made, but search engines rank new sites very weakly by “money requests” such as taking a microloan or an online loan. At the top of Yandex and Google are large MFI sites, large portals such as Banki Ru, Compare Ru, and so on. It is very difficult to get into the TOP by “money requests”.

In Google, the TOP in finance is filled with official websites of banks and MFIs, banks ru, compare run, and so on.

In Yandex, cheating by behavioral factors on “money requests” thrives. With the help of special programs, thousands of bots go to all sites and work up behavioral factors. Then they go to the target site and spend a little more time on it. Due to behavioral factors, the target site is in the TOP and receives real traffic, which means leads and income.

Even Yandex itself cannot overcome cheating, it cannot distinguish bots from normal people. Bots are very similar to humans – they bookmark sites, click on links, scroll pages. Therefore, you can get into the TOP only using cheating. But if drug trafficking is detected, the site will be banned by the search engine almost forever.

In Google When promoting, you need links. There is no cheating, but you need to invest in link building, in the quality of the site.

Expert opinion
Dmitry Tachkov
Project creator, finance expert, financial blogger. More than 5 years worked in Russian banks. Author of more than 1000 articles on investment, lending, banking services
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The conclusion is this: now it is important to make a financial and credit website only for the Google search engine. Yandex will go as a plus. Whether there will be traffic from Yandex or not is unknown.
Article sites can be made, but the money invested can simply not be recouped. You should not expect that you will make a website and immediately pay for it in 1 year. Perhaps in 1 year, you will not earn even 10% of the invested resources. You should not think that traffic from all search engines will immediately go to the site and leads will go.
Is it worth making an article website on finance and microloans?
Yes, it’s worth it, you can reach the TOP and earn income
Sites like this don’t even pay off.
It makes no sense, you can’t get into the TOP of Yandex and Google
Yes, if you understand the topic and write articles yourself
No, it is very difficult to find adequate copywriters
Who can create a website?
If you think that a website can create a credit website for anyone, you are wrong.
If you are a car mechanic or a painter, then you are unlikely to succeed. You need to have at least a remote understanding of the subject area – lending and finance. Otherwise, you will not be able to write interesting articles and check articles from copywriters. In addition, you need to at least briefly understand how the sites work.

You will also need programming knowledge. Optimally – if you are a student of a financial institution, a former or current bank employee, or you have a technical specialty related to programming and finance. Building a website is a painstaking process. Several specialists are required to create and maintain the site:

Site owner – responsible for the operation of the site as a whole, for all its parts
Copywriter – needed to write articles
Content Manager – responsible for the design and placement of articles, possible relinking
PHP / js / programmer – responsible for the correct operation of the site engine
Layout designer – responsible for displaying site pages in various browsers
System administrator – responsible for the speed of the site, its availability, the absence of viruses on the site.
All these duties can be performed by one person – webmaster, i.e. you. You need to be like a ” man orchestra”, i.e. perform the functions of each of the specialists little by little at a small level. This is necessary to create a web resource and receive income from it.

How much is it?
Ideally, you will need a design (15 thousand), layout (10 thousand), programming, and writing articles.
The average price of an article is from 300 rubles for 3-4 thousand characters. You will need at least 100 articles. Total 30 thousand for content. Plus domain registration for a year – 150 rubles + from 300 rubles per month. there is a dedicated server.
In the minimum configuration, you will need 60 thousand if you do everything with the wrong hands.
The other option is the most minimal. If you do everything yourself, you will need 5 thousand rubles and a lot of time. Most of the time will go to writing and publishing articles on financial topics.
Total – either 60 thousand investment or 5 thousand + a lot of time spent. Choose yourself.

Expert opinion
Dmitry Tachkov
Project creator, finance expert, financial blogger. More than 5 years worked in Russian banks. Author of more than 1000 articles on investment, lending, banking services
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If the price of your site is 60 thousand rubles, then lay the same amount for promotion. Without promotion, your site will not generate income, which means it will be useless. There is an option to promote yourself – but can you?
How to develop a site? Step-by-step instruction
The creation of a financial portal must be taken seriously. First, you need to define a topic.
If there are deposits, Forex, microloans, and mortgages on the site at the same time, it will be good.
Step 1. Choosing a direction or subject
You need to choose a certain direction! It’s damn important. The site should be dedicated to a specific topic. Or a bank. Or credit products in a particular city. And you should write only about this topic. Only and only and only. I do not think that a person who wants to take a loan is interested in forex or investing.

Expert opinion
Dmitry Tachkov
Project creator, finance expert, financial blogger. More than 5 years worked in Russian banks. Author of more than 1000 articles on investment, lending, banking services
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It is not recommended to make a website about Sberbank with the Sberbank key in the domain name. As soon as you promote the site, an abuse from Sberbank will come and the domain will be taken away by a court decision. You can not make sites that violate the copyrights of large banks. You can lose your site.
Step 2. Creating a semantic core and content

There are 2 types of articles: Informational – help the user find the answer to a specific question. And the second type – selling – help to receive money. Lots of requests for information. It is important to cover as many user interests as possible. The second type is selling – these articles will contain advertisements and offers from banks. You will earn on them. These articles are less interesting to users. But they need to be referenced in informational articles.

Understand – if you write a thousand articles “online application for a loan in XXX” – the site will not be interesting to users. If the resource is not interesting, users will not return. The viewing time and the number of page views will be minimal. In the end, get into a ban or under the AGS filter.

Step 3. Technical creation of the site:
The site is a technically complex program. It usually consists of a database and a CMS (like WordPress). The technical creation of the site consists of the following steps.

Creation of a website prototype and website design, logo – carried out by a designer and interface designer
Site layout – “pulling” the design on the specified engine. Those. converting design images into HTML code that will display the specified design
Choosing a hosting for the site, buying a virtual server
Choosing and buying a domain name, domain delegation
Installing WordPress on your hosting, setting up the necessary plugins
Site performance optimization
The introduction of layout into the site engine, mobile adaptation is done by a layout designer and a programmer.
Publication of articles
Creation of site pages such as “Privacy Policy”, about the site, etc., necessary for trust.
Site promotion in search engines: site registration in Yandex and Google, correction of indexing errors
In simple terms: you need to buy a domain and hosting, install WordPress and post articles there. The site will be ready. You can design the site yourself. To do this, you just need to choose the right WordPress theme. And that’s it – the site is ready.

Step 4. Creation of site content: The
content (text content of the site) should be useful to the user. It should answer users’ questions, have a normal graphic design. The presence of an image in an article with the alt=keyword tag is welcome. Content should be divided into paragraphs and should not contain very long and complex sentences. There should also be no errors in the Russian language. It is desirable to have tables and lists, formulas, calculation examples. Good content is the key to success.

Step 5. Implementing useful services. The site should have useful services. Think before you start creating a site, how it will be interesting to people? Look in the search results for your topic. Many credit sites have deposit selection services, a loan calculator or a deposit calculator, a bulletin board …
Think. You can always do better and more interesting. Services are various calculators, selection, and comparison wizards, for which users return to the site again and again. The more users come back, the more visitors to your site. Do what others don’t. And users will keep coming back. The more attendance, the more income.

Step 5. Proper content design No need to make articles in the form of a long sheet. The article should be divided into paragraphs, with headings, with expert opinions. The article must have an author (we read about YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) sites. It is advisable to insert a survey, navigation in the form of breadcrumbs. Make the correct micro-markup.
Content design is a whole art that needs to be learned.

The following are helpful tips for implementing the site-building steps above.

Practical steps to create a website
So, you have read twice what I wrote above – how a credit site should be made. Now we can move on to practice.
The main task of creating a website is to attract visitors to it.
Possible topics: loans, mortgages, credit cards, investing, RKO, Stock market, loan calculation …
Choose one of them or come up with your own. Next, you need to sit down at the computer and start the selection of requests. The selection of queries should begin with the service. We enter the required request and get the necessary keys. There are a bunch of other possible options.

Next, we copy all the keys and create a list of possible topics. Those. for example, the key “interest on a loan” – How to calculate interest on a loan? That is, you need to make a list of potential topics for articles.
Requests can also be matched using the mutagen service. This service also considers competition. It is advisable to choose keys with a competition of less than 3 and a frequency of 100 or more.
If you pick keys with a competition of 1 and a frequency of more than 100, then it will be generally cool. But there are very few such keys in financial topics.

Choose a hosting, deploy a website and buy a domain. It is better to choose a thematic domain. Those. the name must contain a keyword like kredit. You can buy an existing one with a large IKS and having a lot of incoming links. But here it is important not to run into search engine filters. Otherwise, all your efforts will be in vain. Domain registration costs from 150 rubles (I use Webnames myself). The domain must be registered in the .ru zone (Cyrillic is possible, but not the fact that it is better). Next, you need to buy hosting and deploy WordPress on it.
Be sure to make a site on HTTPS, use free Lets Encrypt certificates.

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How to write content?
This is the most important question. Content is the key to high traffic on your site. I mentioned earlier that you can write yourself – if you are familiar with the topic. The second option is to hire a copywriter. You need at least a little understanding of the topic. How to give a task to a copywriter is a rather difficult question. I have my sample template. But it can only get to my refs.
I will mention a couple of words about rewriting. I do not use rewriting on my sites. How to distinguish copyright from a rewrite?
It’s simple – you can’t find the source with copyright, but you can with a rewrite. I check the uniqueness using the service. Below 95 percent is a rewrite. Rewriting itself does not carry anything new and is not interesting to people. I recommend not using it on the site.

How to promote a site?
The answer to this question can be found on a thousand resources on the Internet dedicated to search engine optimization. In short, for Google, you need to buy links and write useful content. Where and how to buy links – again, my refs. I recommend starting buying links when the site has 100 or more pages. The main task is to increase attendance from Goole. The best option for making money is search traffic.

What offers to work with?
First, you need to decide which offers you want to work with. Those. you need to select the banks or MFIs to which you should send applications. Everything is quite simple – work with offers that pay per application (lead), preferably with auto-approve. Use affiliate program data.

Another option is to work with offers that have a good EPC – i.e. good cost of issuance and a high percentage of approval.

For a bank, a click envelope in an application in the region of 10 percent or more is considered normal, the percentage of withdrawals should tend to 5%. This is for offers for issuance. The amount of your commission for issuing should be 1500-2000 rubles for such a conversion. If the percentage of issuance tends to be 1%, then the price per issue should be approximately 6 thousand rubles. If the percentage of withdrawals tends to zero, then I recommend not to work with such a bank. You will simply lose traffic. It’s easier to place Google Adsense ads.
Here is a list of the main banks I work with:

HomeCredit Bank – the bank itself is not very good, but they approve loans
MTS Bank – loans and credit cards go well
Sovcombank – used to pay 6,000 rubles. for issuance. Now 3600. You can work with it with an approval rate of 1-2%
Tinkoff – pays 1200+ for an issued credit card or consumer loan. One of the most stable offers
Alfa bank card 100 days without interest – 1100 – 3000 rubles for the issued card.
Expert opinion
Dmitry Tachkov
Project creator, finance expert, financial blogger. More than 5 years worked in Russian banks. Author of more than 1000 articles on investment, lending, banking services
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Tinkoff Bank has been seen cheating a couple of times, i.e. people issued and received a card, and a refusal came on the lead. You need to check the bank sometimes.

The list of MFIs that have a high approval rate is constantly changing. It all depends on the economic situation in the country, the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the offer itself.
With whom I do not advise working, these are offers for which the percentage of conversion tends to zero. Money down the drain. The honesty of the bank, in this case, is questionable for me, so I do not advise.

Otkritie Bank – with a good conversion of a click into an application, the percentage of approvals = 0
QuickMoney – almost zero issuance rate
Some of the MFIs just hijack your traffic. You bring a visitor, he goes to the MFI website and presses the back button.
By clicking back in the browser, the MFI website slips a page with other loan offers. Income from this page does not suit you. Or, in the mobile version of the site, a banner of a mobile application is displayed on the entire page and the user clicks on it. After installing the application and taking a loan, the webmaster also does not receive income.
The list of such dishonest MFIs is below:

OneCLickMoney (When you click on the Back button on the phone, it directs you to your storefront) (they block the back button so that the person does not leave the offer)
Boonstra (When you press the Back button on the phone, it directs you to your storefront)
Smart cash (When you press the Back button on the phone, it directs you to your storefront)
Еcabbage (they don’t let you leave the application form, they block the back button, if you press back many times, the next page gives out your showcase)
Turbo loan (When you press the Back button on the phone, it directs you to your storefront)
Credit7 (When you press the Back button on the phone, it directs you to your storefront)
BelkaCredit (When you press the Back button on the phone, it directs you to your storefront)
Need Money (When you press the Back button on the phone, it directs you to your storefront)
Instant Credit (When you press the Back button on the phone, it directs you to your storefront)
MoneyMan (do not let you leave the application form, block the back button)
OneClickMoney (they offer to place your application as a full-screen banner when you press the Back button on your phone, it directs you to your storefront)
Loan Express (When you press the Back button on your phone, it directs you to your storefront)
fast money (When you press the Back button on the phone, it directs you to your storefront)
Credit24 (When you press the Back button on the phone, it directs you to your storefront)
Boonstra (When you press the Back button on the phone, it directs you to your storefront)
Expert opinion
Dmitry Tachkov
Project creator, finance expert, financial blogger. More than 5 years worked in Russian banks. Author of more than 1000 articles on investment, lending, banking services
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I consider this to be a fraud of webmasters and I try not to work with such offers.
How much can you earn on your site?
To raise interest, I will give statistics. You can make good money (at least you could)
Earnings on a credit site
You need to understand that the income will depend on the quality of your site. The better it is, the more traffic and applications for loans you will have. You need to achieve 100 applications per day. Start with one site. He must be good.
Additional options for earning from the site:

Collect email database. Put a subscription form to the site news
Collect the Push base, for example, using SendPulse
When the attendance reaches 300 uniques, place a Google Adsense ad. Your website needs to be moderated
See also: Commissions for SMS informing. Comparison of tariffs of leading banks
What affiliate programs to use?
There are a lot of financial partners now. I will list them – Cityads, Leeds. su, master target, LeadGuide, CPA Hub, GuruLeeds, AdmitAd, etc. The question is, which partner to start working with? The answer is simple – those who have authority and stability in their work. If the partner does not pay, slows down, constantly has technical problems, then do not contact her, even if you are offered a good price for approved applications. Checked – just a waste of time and money.
Here is a rating of affiliate programs that I work with:

1st place. – ref. This affiliate program is distinguished by good support, payments on demand, and many offers. This is purely a financial partnership. The statistics are quite good and not buggy, almost online. The interface is constantly evolving
2nd place – Affiliate Leadgid. – stable payouts and many contests
3rd place – CityAds affiliate program – It is the largest player on the market. Here you can find exclusive offers of banks that are not available in other affiliate programs. However, the affiliate program has very tight statistics. I don’t understand much about her, she thinks for a long time. Payments are often late. I recommend starting working with it when you reach the traffic of 500 users per day.
The rest of the affiliate programs are like orange, they are rather weak, have a bad stat and it is better not to work with them.
The best option is to start with, then connect the lead guide…

So, now you know how to create a financial and credit site and earn real money on it. All in your hands!

Questions about creating a site
Is it necessary to create a website yourself or is it easier to buy a ready-made one?
Naturally easier to buy ready-made. The only question is, will you recoup your investment? You can buy a site with 1000 traffic, and tomorrow there will be only 100 people. You also need to know how to buy. You need to consider the payback time and be ready to deal with the site. The site is not a story buy and get money. Over time, the income from the site fades, if you do not keep the information on the site up to date, write new materials
Is it possible to create a website in 1 day and earn income?
Now assemblies of sites are being sold – just install and get income. You don’t need any design or layout, you don’t need a programmer. It’s just a showcase. You can drive traffic to this storefront. The question is – where to get the traffic and its cost. Many affiliate programs already offer ready-made showcases (Leeds Soo for example)
What problems do you need to be prepared for when making a website?
After you have made the site, you will need to monitor its work. Typical problems: the site was infected with a virus – you need to clean the site. The site has stopped working – the database has fallen, you will need to restart the database server. The plugin was updated on the site and now it does not open. You will need to reinstall the plugin or disable it, then understand and fix the error. The site was blocked by the RKN – delete the prohibited information and report it. Problems can arise a lot and they need to be able to solve.
Here you write that the articles have died. What are the replacements for them?
You can run a channel in Yandex Zen, you can create a Vkontakte group, you can start a Telegram channel, a YouTube channel. These are alternative options for creating a website and earning money on the Internet.
Many of the terms that are described in this article will be incomprehensible at first reading.
Here is a brief breakdown of them.

An affiliate or affiliate program is a special organization that acts as an intermediary between the advertiser and the webmaster. It issues an affiliate link that the webmaster places on his site. After a visitor clicks on this link, a loan application form opens, which the user fills out. Thus, he draws up a loan. Further, after the loan is approved by the bank or MFI, the webmaster receives income, the affiliate also receives income from the advertiser (i.e. from the bank that issued this loan)

An offer is an offer of a bank or an MFI to receive a loan. The offer contains an affiliate link. The offer is launched in the affiliate program – this is a special page that says how much money the webmaster will receive if he places this link on his website and the user submits an application using this link and receives a loan.

An envelope or conversion is a numerical indicator equal to the ratio of the number of issued loans to the number of clicks on the link through which the loan is issued. For example, there were 100 clicks, 5 loans were issued.

Envelope click to order = 5/100 = 0.05 or 5%
. Suppose out of 5 issued loans 1 was issued, we get an envelope application for issuance 1/5 = 0.2 or 20%

An abuse or complaint is a notice or demand from an organization that is sent to a domain registrar stating a violation of the organization’s copyright or other rights. For example, about the illegal use of a trademark. It will be necessary to somehow respond to the complaint and the requirements, otherwise, a lawsuit and fines for copyright infringement are possible.

Rewriting is an expression of other people’s thoughts in your own words. That is, there is a text on a specific topic. This text is taken and the sentences are simply rewritten differently. The meaning of the sentences is the same, just the letters are different. Content is unique in terms of words but non-unique in terms of meaning.

A copywriter is a person who writes various texts for a website. analog of a journalist. Those. a person who writes articles and gets paid for it.

RKN – Roskomnadzor. Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Communications (Roskomnadzor). It is this organization that can block the site by decision of the court, tax, police

A database server is a special program that is responsible for storing site data and accessing it through the execution of site scripts.

A webmaster is a person who works on the network and the Internet and earns income by creating websites, telegram channels, traffic arbitration, etc.

Content is the text content of the site. That is a lot of articles on a specified topic with the ability to move from one article to another.